Play with a coach
Enjoy Sudoku more with Ace

  1. Play entirely on your own without any help.
  2. If you can't figure out the next move ask Ace for a hint.
  3. Still stuck? Ask Ace for a stronger hint.
  4. About to give up? Ask Ace to make the next play, then carry on yourself.
  5. Can't find a logical move? Take a guess.
  6. In dire circumstances you can ask Ace to solve the whole thing.
  7. If you want to play a game you see in print, you can enter it into SudoAce.

Make a Play
To make a play first tap on the cell to select it, make sure the ketboard is in 'play' mode, then tap the number on the keyboard.

Every puzzle is fun with SudoAce. Get it at the App Store.